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Igen, Yes, Da

Think about the last time you ordered too much food.  When was the precise moment that you realized that you had overdone it?  Was it sometime between ordering and when the meal came, as you sat contemplating how delicious it … Continue reading

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There’s an old joke about a guy visiting Russia who goes hungry because he doesn’t realize that a pectopah is a place to get food.  I never said it was a good joke.  It’s not very funny, even if you … Continue reading

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Army Strong

People are often surprised when I say that I support a strong military.  I suppose it doesn’t seem to fit with my otherwise liberal worldview and smacks of a latent conservatism.  Whether this last is good or bad or even … Continue reading

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I thought of this poem this morning and decided to share it.  The rhyme scheme was inspired by the Joseph Strauss poem, ‘The Mighty Task Is Done’, written in celebration of the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is … Continue reading

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A Lesson in the Politics of People

Ever since high school I’ve been fascinated by Yugoslavia.  At the time, it was a war raging in Bosnia that caught my attention, and I began to read about a region that, until that point, I had only heard of … Continue reading

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Where There’s Smoke…

Belgrade is on fire.  A cinema located in the city center, just minutes away from Parliament, is burning and sending up dense, grey smoke that is choking the city.  The air is thick with it, and walking down the street … Continue reading

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The Morning The Sun Didn’t Rise

This is a poem, from my far away Peace Corps days.  Today I am fulfilling and life-long dream and heading for Serbia for a week or so.  I am very excited.  I’m not sure when I’ll get to post again, … Continue reading

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