Not My War

This poem came to mind as I was trying to fall asleep.  I’m not sure why it did, but I was happy because I had more or less forgotten about it.  I wrote this almost three years ago, and both it and a short story I wrote later are based on a dream I had had a couple of years before that.   Whenever I do think about it, the title always brings to mind that great Shosha Capps song, I Am Not At War.  You should listen to her stuff, it’s awesome.




I wake up in a war, but it is not my war
I walk the broken beaches where the sand has turned to glass
I see the twisted metal that rained down from high above
I recognize the rubble of a city I once knew
And whisperings of sadness stir my heart and bid me stay
Yet I continue walking-it is not my beach.

I wake up in a war, but it is not my war
I see the faces of the dead that lie along the path
I watch their eyes for signs of life and note that none is there
I recognize a few of them, the rest aren’t known to me
And for a time I wonder if I shouldn’t bury them
Yet I continue walking-they are not my dead.

I wake up in a war, but it is not my war
I hear the voices of the wounded calling out for help
I see the faces of the women tending to their men
I sense the agony of children orphaned by the fight
And pausing there, in contemplation, ask how I could help
Yet I continue walking-these are not my friends.

I wake up in a war, but it is not my war
Around me there reigns chaos, no shelter to be found
The dead remain uncovered, with no one there to mourn
The few survivors shiver from loneliness and cold
Yet I remark in passing, ‘I’ve other things to do’
And I continue walking-this is not my war.

About anotherexilefromparadise

I am a writer, by passion if not by profession.
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