The Morning The Sun Didn’t Rise

This is a poem, from my far away Peace Corps days.  Today I am fulfilling and life-long dream and heading for Serbia for a week or so.  I am very excited.  I’m not sure when I’ll get to post again, but I look forward to doing so when I can.  This has been a lot of fun.  For now, I hope you enjoy reading about mice.


Early on the morning when the sun didn’t rise,
No one awakened or opened their eyes.
All the mice slept quite late, and the cats snored away,
And all of the horses still dreamed of their hay.

Then one after another, as the mice all awoke,
Each noted the darkness, but not a one spoke.
The morning wore on, but the sun never rose,
And no one could see past the end of their nose.

Carefully stirring, to the window they crept,
To gaze at the sky, as it soundlessly slept.
They saw not the river, nor the hillocks of green;
The land was still darkened; no light could be seen.

And without the glow of that bright, orange ball,
Some wondered, “Can this be morning at all?”
But morning it was, and soon it was day,
Though no laughter was heard, no children at play.

And no mouse was working, no meal was prepared,
For one simple reason: the mice were now scared.
Inside every heart now dwelt the same fear,
“What if the sun should never appear?”

And so a few cried, went back to their beds,
And pulled all the covers up over their heads.
Some prayed long and hard the sunlight to see,
But this day, they found, it was not to be.

The Head Mouse could do nothing, the sun to entice…
You see, in the end, he ruled only mice.
So now all the mice were prepared to give in,
They believed that the sun wouldn’t shine there again.

Til one little mouseling puffed up his small chest,
Gathered his courage and said to the rest:
“Tomorrow the sun may come back to our land!”
But they laughed at him loudly for taking a stand.

None heckled him more than the Head Mouse himself,
Who quoted The Book from the Mouse Council shelf:
“Hope in tomorrow brings misery today;
It’s best to get used to things being this way.”

To this all the mice in the barn quite agreed,
And they scurried away to find all they would need.
But no one knew just what they hoped they would find,
So they went to their homes in a foul state of mind.

And the mice were afraid as they got into bed,
For without the sun the world soon would be dead.
But one little mouse fell asleep right away,
Sure that the sun would arrive the next day.

He was not surprised when he woke at first light,
To witness the dawn overtaking the night.
He felt his heart leap and his young spirit soar,
As he jumped out of bed and onto the floor.

Off to the window he went in a run,
To gaze at the meadows, the sky and the sun!
He drank it all in, then turned round to see,
The others that surely must share in his glee.

But none of the mice had noticed the light,
For all of their eyes were closed up so tight.
The Head Mouse declared: “We’re doomed, one and all!”
And all but one mouse paid heed to his call.

They kept their eyes shut, for what could they see,
By opening them up where no light could be?
And for them the sun has never returned;
They cry in the dark, their lesson unlearned.

One mouse had the courage to watch the sun rise;
The rest have not managed to open their eyes.

About anotherexilefromparadise

I am a writer, by passion if not by profession.
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