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Synthetic Division

‘Spare me the darkness,’ I cried in fear. ‘Have mercy on this frightened child. Keep it distant, keep it far, So that it never touches me, Never knows me, Never tears me from this place of light. The world within … Continue reading

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For Father’s Day

I remember growing up there was an ad on TV, sometime in the early nineties maybe, promoting men taking an active role in their children’s lives.  It showed a guy playing with his kid or something, and the voice-over informed … Continue reading

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Friday Morning at the Mosque

There is much left to be said about Serbia, but I wanted to write this now before I lose my impressions.  I visited the Mustafa a Mosque in Skopje, Macedonia, on Friday, and after looking around began to take some … Continue reading

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‘A Woman’s Place Is In The Home’ or ‘Cherry-Picking The Bible’

When I was studying abroad in Germany my senior year of high school, my English class received an interesting assignment.  We were going to have a debate the following day, and the topic was going to be whether or not … Continue reading

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A Tooth For A Tooth Makes The Whole World Eat Applesauce

I lost my first tooth to a bag of peat moss.  I’m pretty sure that I was being a turd at the time, if I’m honest about it.  The funny thing is, this thought never occurred to me.  The idea … Continue reading

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What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?

It’s Easter, folks.  Today, we’re going to talk about ‘WWJD?’  For those of you who don’t recognize what ‘WWJD?’ means (and I doubt there are many who don’t, whatever your beliefs), ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ has been tattooed in its … Continue reading

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