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Sleep Walk

And when we sleep, Let us loose ourselves fully from the waking world– Unbound from its mortal constraints, Disentangled from conscious fears and notions. Let the light not meet our shuttered brains, That we may escape, For as brief a … Continue reading

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On Mother’s Day

It’s interesting how nearly everyone is posting today about how their mom is the best.  All over the social networks I’ve seen this sentiment expressed in various ways, but always simply and matter-of-factly.  It’s not a contest, it’s a statement.  … Continue reading

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Someone Saved My Life Tonight…Kurt Cobain…

Slovenian radio is like a time capsule.  I suppose this can be said for most European radio, but I find this to be especially so in Slovenia.  This is the first place I’ve lived where you can hear a Simple … Continue reading

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