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Civil Rights Are Awesome, Unless You’re Gay…Or An Unmarried Woman

Bombs are falling over Baghdad.  This was the imagery that my brother called to my mind this morning when I skyped him to share my sympathies about the passing of Amendment 1 in North Carolina.  My brother and I had … Continue reading

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A Tooth For A Tooth Makes The Whole World Eat Applesauce

I lost my first tooth to a bag of peat moss.  I’m pretty sure that I was being a turd at the time, if I’m honest about it.  The funny thing is, this thought never occurred to me.  The idea … Continue reading

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Old Man Dentist

A last oldie but, in my opinion, goodie.  Again, from Peace Corps times… As I was prying the kernels from an ear of dried corn the other day, I was overcome by a feeling of pleasant nostalgia and decided to … Continue reading

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